The Klong is a canal in the city.
Bangkok used to be a city full of canals with boats, markets and life on them, but now only a few markets survive and almost every klong has been covered to make new roads.
There’s only one boat service still alive, and it’s well documented in my friend’s great short movie:
But not only the boats cross the river, there’s also a small number of square floating platforms that cross the canal from one side to the other, their course is guided by an underwater rope which is pulled by a human legs-powered wheel.
Boats are the cheapest way to get to the center of Bangkok.
Boats and platforms stop around 20 pm, so when the sun goes down there’s a few people still using them.
While the city starts to enter the night life the latest travellers, with their thoughts, hopes, emotions, wait in the silence borken only by the sound of the water.
This short movie is my attempt to capture the intense mood that caught me while I was waiting, like all others, to cross the river at dusk.

3 thoughts on “Klong

  1. I really enjoyed your Klong movie. The photography and music combine perfectly to bring us the mood. What is the music you used?

  2. Hi Bill, thanks!
    I just noticed that the upload cut the last 5 seconds, with music info!
    Anyway, it’s “Ero” by Roger Subirana Mata, and you can find it on http://www.jamendo.com
    I will re-upload the clip with the missing info!

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