Fusilli – A short movie made while testing a lens

Same on VIMEO:

Fusilli from Riccardo Covino on Vimeo.

I was preparing lunch at home and as usual I was going to split myself between cooking and testing my new vintage lens, a Minolta Rokkor MC 58mm f1.4, so I decided to use it for shooting myself while cooking.

It was some kind of joke, because timing was ruled by the food’s own cooking time, but it ended in 20 minutes of pure fun.

Editing was done in Blender, again for testing reasons, and it came out with interesting results: some limits and some powerful pros, but I’ll talk extensively about it in another post.

How did the lens perform on my Nex-5n ?

Well, it’s a tank-built lens with exceptional bokeh, on the downside it is prone to flare and sharpness is not on top if you stay on fastest apertures.

In conclusion, more than you can expect from the price I actually paid for it (around 35 euro on ebay), it’s in the price range of some russian vintage lenses but with far superior image and construction quality, we can’t say it’s on par with an Olympus Zuiko 50 f1.4, but it’s close to it, being half of the price.

4 thoughts on “Fusilli – A short movie made while testing a lens

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  2. Cute short! Great job with the color on the 5n. I assume you didn’t shoot flat, per your prior comment. I think that’s the trick to the Sony cameras: if anything, dial up the saturation and leave the contrast at 0.

    I have an old Konica Minolta 50mm f/1.4 that had severe haloing when wide open, but I only ever saw the artifacts in a pronounced way on my GH2. The 5n didn’t really show too much blooming. Probably because it’s just not that sharp. Now I use exclusively vintage Nikon AIS.

  3. Hi Brandon,
    I shot with the following settings: Sunset style, everything at -1.
    I’ve never dialed up saturation, fearing it would give a digital look instead of a gentle film look.

    So in terms of artifacts you think 5n is better than GH2? Even hacked one?

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