Back to Italy, tons of pics and clips to organize

DSC02337My journey to Thailand ended exactly one week ago, needless to say I’m missing that beautyful country and weather a lot!
Anyway, I came back with a lot of shots and I’m going to publish some short movies topic-oriented.
First one will be about my two long stop-overs in Hong Kong, an incredible city showing the good and bad of where the world is heading to.
I think I’ll finish editing in a few days, so expect it at the end of upcoming week.
After that I’ll have to check what’s worth on remaining footage, it won’t be easy and it will be hard to skip sunsets or elephants in order to avoid the touristic holyday movie effect!
Meanwhile, here are some pictures from different places I’ve been, from North to South of Thailand.
DSC02446 DSC02491 DSC02587 DSC02991  DSC03187

Heading to Thailand

I’m going to stay almost one month over there for pleasure, visiting friends and making two or three short movies about some interesting things in that beautyful country. I’ll try to update as frequently as possible1356599886551